Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oh, what a mess

Nobody said shifting was easy. But you could do yourself a favour and make it easier for yourself.

I've already put up a post about packing sensibly for the move. Wish I'd followed my own advice a bit more closely - due to a strange turn of events, we moved our major furniture a day earlier than planned, which means that three days after shifting into my new home, I am surrounded by a sea of plastic bags and suitcases, wondering where to get the energy to start unpacking.

So folks, plan every move meticulously. And stick to your schedule if you're sure it will save you time.

I can offer you one tip, though, and this was dad's idea. If you're hiring a tempo or a small truck to move your big stuff like beds and wardrobes, try and do so in the evening hours. Not only did we beat the sun and the heat, we also saved the neighbours the trouble of having to put up with bumps and crashes and screams while they were trying to have their afternoon siesta. Look for a suitable quiet time - I would recommend between six pm to eight pm - and try and save the number of trips from new home to old home.

Also, if you have a Godrej cupboard like we do (only yours might not be as 'special' as ours), I would recommend taking off its doors before you try to move it. Generally, mirrors mounted on to door shutters greatly add to the overall weight, so put the shutters aside if you can. Easier to carry, too.

If you have cane furniture, let it be dumped OVER everything else and not under anything, or it will only get bent out of shape. Might break, too, so watch out.

All big suitcases, plastic bags with kitchen utensils and clothes and such items can easily accompany the truck. It makes sense to send these items on also because it helps to insulate such furniture as washing machines and refrigerators from bumps in transit. Apart from your glass and melamine crockery, dump everything else in the truck.

Before you leave the old house, do a thorough final check to see if you've left anything behind. I forgot to pack many things from the kitchen, which shows you what a mess I was in. Just collect everything and keep loads of bags ready. You will also need separate big bags for garbage disposal. Trust me, once you're done, you'll have astounding levels of garbage lying around. See if any of it can go to the raddiwala, apart from newspapers. They also take plastic items, cardboard boxes and glass bottles. It makes sense to dispose off your raddi at this juncture because the money can come in handy for paying off the tempo or covering some expenses related to moving.

Once inside the new property, if you're done the shifting in the evening hours, don't scrabble to set everything in order right away. First make chai and congratulate yourself for moving. Of course, don't be a slob like me, with stuff still waiting to be opened three days after moving, but I figured, I deserve some peace to get over the trauma of moving.

Leave things for an evening, look for such basics as the tea kettle, tea cups, milk pateli and such which you will need the next morning. Also look for snacks and other breakfast stuff you might need the next day. Look for pillows and blanket, too. The only thing you should be actively doing the moment you get in, is to shift all your perishable foodstuffs back into the fridge before they're ruined beyond repair.

Order a take away, look at your house and feel happy, and go to bed. Congrats on moving.